Dark Ink The Website of Richard D Bennett

I knew I could always count on Richard to have a firm grasp of the issues, to identify the heart of any obstacles to be overcome, and to communicate those to a variety of audiences with clarity and conciseness.

- Juan A. Gonzales, Capt, USAF
My ability to write clearly, cogently, and with aplomb formed the foundation of an accolade-filled career in the U.S. Air Force; has been recognized in academic, diplomatic, and military circles the world over; and is now available to you to make your projects dynamic and impactful.

I am familiar with traditional word processing systems, such as MS Word, as well as online Content Management Systems, such as WordPress. I am comfortable in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles of writing and can readily adapt to your professional requirements. Whatever your document requirements, I can deliver a polished and professional product. Rates are negotiable based on the level of work desired, but start from the following minimums:

Writing Work Minimum Rate (Per Hour)
Fiction $35
Ghostwriting $45
Proposals/Sales/PR $45
Technical/Trade $45

If you would like to discuss your writing needs further, please feel free to email me to open a discussion and receive a no-obligation quote.