Hi. I'm Beth Bennett.

I’m a writer, a linguist, and a scholar. With a background in anthropology and a keen interest in language acquisition theory, I bring a unique perspective to any academic or professional setting.

I’m looking for opportunities to teach not only English as a second language, but the joy of writing composition. Students who are motivated to share their real thoughts and experiences are more likely to engage with language acquisition and continue doing so outside of the classroom. Teaching is not an exercise in the transfer of skills from one person to another, but a shared journey of discovery. Writing is not a chore we must endure, but a chance to share who we are and what we value. The times when I have been privileged to communicate that to students and see them realize that their voices matter—in any language—have been some of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

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Here's some of the stuff I do.

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I have experience writing in several genres, including web site content and non-fiction vignettes.


I have produced many papers as a student, as one expects, but also assorted other genres.


In addition to being a habitual language learner, I have completed a graduate certificate in TESOL.

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

A selection of writing in various genres.

Academic Blogs

Written for an introductory class in professional writing and rhetoric. We were given readings, which we then commented on in a group blog.


A personal vignette written for a course in composition pedagogy. We were required to write a piece weekly and read each aloud to our group.

Goals Statement

Written as part of my application package for the Professional Writing and Rhetoric masters program at George Mason University.

Lesson Plan

Our final project for the mini practicum in the TESOL certificate program at GMU was to write five hours' worth of lesson plan.

Teaching Philosophy

In order to prepare us for job applications in the TESOL field, we were required to prepare a statement of teaching philosophy.

Video Game Morality

An example of my work in alternate genres, created for a course in video game rhetoric at George Mason University.

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